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Welcome to The Crystal Tree

Welcome to The Crystal Tree. Please feel free to browse our pages and see what we have to offer. We are based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

We stock an extensive range of crystals and gifts in our shop which include crystal spheres, crystal wands, crystal eggs, crystal trees, crystal buddhas, angels and skulls, as well as a large range of gemstone and crystal jewellery. All of these items and more are available for you to browse in our shop. Online, we have a selection of items that are easy to post.

Most of our crystals are hand picked for their energy and beauty then cleansed and energized daily with our singing bowls. We hope our passion for crystals will fill you with the desire to learn more about them and the role that they can play in helping you to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

Remember – Crystals choose us and not the other way around….
    We also have two further rooms which enable us to host meditations, workshops and also healing therapies.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Here at The Crystal Tree we have many crystal and gift ideas for all occasions.

We are stockists of Angel Star, Satya Incense, Star Child (from Glastonbury), Hay House Books, Hazel Raven Aura Sprays, Soulful Creations (artwork), Patrick Gamble (artwork), Wildthings Gifts (Swarovski Hanging Angels), HIMALAYAN salt lamps and more.

We have many varieties of crystal tumblestones, gemstone carvings, Pendulums, Amethyst geodes, Citrine Geodes, Candle Holders, Angel and Buddha items. Also, sage and other smudge items and a good range of Satya and Om Incense.

Items are for sale at The Crystal Tree in Leigh-on-Sea, and you are very welcome to visit us during opening hours. Alternatively, you can call us on 01702 808710 and order over the phone where we can take card payment. P&P will be added.

We are always happy to seek crystals and gifts if you can not find them elsewhere.

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3 days ago

The Crystal Tree


(From starmantarot.com)...The Starman Tarot is infinitely more than a tarot deck - in essence it is a declaration that life at its core is astonishing - miraculous. The Starman Tarot is a sacred preyer to the spirit of creativity, to the possibility of wonder. Flowing from the cosmic archetype of the Starman avatar, the deck arrives in your life as a wise, transformative guide, a visual and symbolic evocation and power to explore reality in deep, artistic and revolutionary ways. It serves as a creative catalyst, a beautiful rebellion to empower your visions and actulise y‍‍‍our fullest human potential. Through your direct interaction with the wisdoms and visual alchemy encrypted into the deck, you become a collaborator in the quest to re-enchant the world with an expression of magic infused with creativity and the myriad forms that beauty can take. You become a being that can see this world through new eyes. You are compelled to fully express who you are and what you most wish to stand for. As you explore and come to know the Starman Tarot, you become adept in the Scared Art of Creating Meaning.

‍‍More than ever we are being called to explore the realm of ‘impossible’, to imagine into being a world that sings with magic and wonder - a world that we can actually 'feel' - directly experience physically, mentally and spiritually: a world that is shaped by our conscious participation. Our hearts yearn to reconnect with the miraculous and mysterious wonders of Mother Nature, discovering what has been hidden, and finding a path leading to dynamic expressions of living that are yet to be revealed.

The Starman Tarot invites you to truly take life on and turn whatever circumstances you have into a unique and beautiful act of creativity. This is ‘Living Alchemy’.
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Love it 😍

3 days ago

The Crystal Tree

Natural Citrine Angel, Chrysocolla Peruvian Angel... just two of the new angels recently added to our Angel collection. I’ll try adding these to the website later, or feel free to send a message if you’re interested. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

The Crystal Tree


Himalayan salt lamps, including RARE WHITE Himalayan Salt lamps and the cutest USB Salt bowl!

Generally found in the outer parts of the salt mine, white Himalayan mineral salt has a low iron content and is free from impurities making white Himalayan Salt Lamps rare and much more sought after than their more colourful counterparts. Naturally occurring in mines based at the foot of the Himalaya's, white Himalayan mineral salt has all of the same benefits as pink Himalayan salt, including health benefits such as increased serotonin, stress relief, sleep regulation and a boost in energy all thanks to the naturally ionising effects of this stylish table lamp. With beautiful naturally occurring shapes and textures, the white salt crystals shine with a gentle warm white glow for soothing, relaxing home lighting.
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I have one of these next to my bed and it’s so soothing.

How much are the white ones please? Xx

I do wonder at times if the Himalayas will vanish because we've eaten it all or turned it into lamps! 😉 😀

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We have recently been awarded second place for “Favourite Spiritual Shop” in Soul & Spirit’s 2017 annual reader awards. Thank you to everyone who voted, it is such an honour for us!


All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness should consult with their General Practitioner in the first instance. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner.