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Crystal Grids and Soul & Spirit Award

Crystal Grids for Soul & Spirit In the December 2017 edition of Soul & Spirit magazine, our little Shop  won second place in Soul & Spirit’s 2017 awards for best Spiritual Shop! This edition of the magazine has lots of crystal articles, with a whole page written by Louise and I! This is very exciting, Continue reading »

Air Dragons, The Air Element, and our Healing Grid

Working with AIR DRAGONS and the AIR ELEMENT   We are currently in the zodiac sign of Gemini (about to transition over to cancer), and I just have enough time to post the Air dragon grid we have been working with for the last month. Gemini is an Air sign, so working with Air Dragons Continue reading »

Dragon Energy & World Healing Grids inc Water Dragon Grid

I work a lot with crystal skull energy, but another energy I love to work with, but do not know too much about, is Dragon energy! Diana Cooper writes this on her website… “Wise old dragons have been with us since time began. Fourth dimensional service dragons have helped us through the last ten thousand Continue reading »

Crystal Skulls

CRYSTAL SKULLS From a scientific point of view, crystal skulls are no more than a crystal in the shape of a skull. But the people who connect with a crystal skull, experience them as special, and as wonderful tools that awaken something within themselves. Crystal Skulls support us on our journey of remembering who we Continue reading »

Ocean Jasper

Louise and I have a current favourite crystal and we wanted to share it with you. We have managed to source some beautiful specimen’s recently and it is very hard to decide what to keep and what to sell as we want them all!! The crystal is called OCEAN JASPER. It comes in such a Continue reading »

Star Child Products now available in the shop!!

We are really pleased to let you know that we now stock STAR CHILD products! “Star Child’s products are based on the philosophies of our ancestral wisdom. We believe that by working with the spiritual forces inherent in nature we can offer tools that may provide a gateway to the Devic consciousness and thus help Continue reading »

Day 30 of 30 day blog challenge. CRYSTAL SKULLS.

Crystal skulls are becoming more popular. People seem to have one of two reactions to crystals skulls. Either they feel extremely drawn to them, or feel the opposite and do not like them at all. Until recently, I used to belong to the latter category, but I think that is because I did not understand Continue reading »

Day 29 of 30. On Top of a Mountain

I have owned a beautiful black Tibetan Quartz point for some years now, and until recently I have not received much information from it when meditating with it. The first time I sat with my crystal, I met the energetic being living inside, and he described himself as being a Tibetan Yogi. As far as Continue reading »