Healing for Mind, Body and Soul

Day 29 of 30. On Top of a Mountain

I have owned a beautiful black Tibetan Quartz point for some years now, and until recently I have not received much information from it when meditating with it. The first time I sat with my crystal, I met the energetic being living inside, and he described himself as being a Tibetan Yogi. As far as Continue reading »

Day 28. Sound Healing.

Yesterday I mentioned that we had some new singing bowls in the shop for sale. So today I thought I would write a little about sound healing. Healing is one of my passions, and Louise and I offer sound healing in our treatment room at the back of the shop. We use tuning forks and Continue reading »

Day 27 of 30 day Blogging Challenge. Singing Bowls.

We had a delivery of Tibetan Singing bowls yesterday, so we thought it would be nice to write about them and show them off! The use of singing bowls in Tibet is the subject of much debate and many stories. Some people say they were used for meditation, while others say they were magical tools Continue reading »

Day 26. Rahanni

This Sunday we had a Rahanni Attunement day with Gareth Hughes. The weather wasn’t so nice so everyone appreciated the day inside, learning a new healing treatment. There were two other ladies, plus myself and Gareth, which made it a lovely intimate group for the experience. I have only had a taster Rahanni session before, Continue reading »

Day 25. Dragon Meditation

I have been wondering all morning what to write about for today’s blog challenge. Do I write about last night’s meditation? Do I think of something different? Will anybody find my story of last night interesting? In the end I have decided to start writing about my Dragon Mediation experience from last night and see Continue reading »

Day 24. Dragons

This evening we are holding a special meditation evening with the lovely Gareth where we will meet our Dragon guide. In Chinese culture, the season of the Dragon is mid-spring, so perfect timing to meet ours! Louise and I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to Dragons and their energy. Dragons Continue reading »

Crystal Wands – 30 Day blog Challenge, day 23.

One of the questions Louise and I get asked in the shop is what are crystal wands for and how are they used. Wands come in many different shapes and sizes, and also in many varieties of gemstone. Wands may be long or short, and the cylinder can be smooth or faceted. They can be Continue reading »

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 22. Crystal Healing.

This morning I found a great blog shared on Facebook called “How Ancient Cultures Used Healing Crystals and Stones”. This is the link ….. http://themindunleashed.org/2015/02/ancient-cultures-used-healing-crystals-stones.html In preparation for Gareth’s Dragon Meditation this Friday, one of my favourite learnings from the blog is, “Crystal quartz spheres were considered representative of the heart of a dragon and Continue reading »

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 21. Pendulums.

I recently misplaced an amethyst pendant which I was devastated about. I turned to my trusted pendulum to try and find it. Because I was so upset and emotionally attached to the outcome of finding my pendant, my pendulum would not give me correct answers. So I have written this blog post today to help others Continue reading »