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We will be totally straight with you from the start and say our campaign is aimed at taking our business to the next level. We are raising money to continue with our business, but in a more secure location. To be able to move, we need to be able to buy a building. We do not have enough stock to sell, so we are raising money through donations and GIFTING BACK with a recorded meditation. If we can ask for small donations and then a share of our story, that is enough for us and we will email a link to the meditation.


Our fundraiser is not just about asking for donations. Many business owners are uncomfortable asking their loyal customers for straight cash, Louise and I being one of those business owners.

We are structuring our campaign with an INCENTIVE or offer!

We host various workshops in our small space behind the main shop. Tracy has had many lovely, positive comments on the meditations she has facilitated, and has been asked on many occasions to record some of them. If you click on this link (meditation) you will be able to sample a recording.

Rather than sell our recording via our website and not reach enough people, we would like to offer it as a gift to each person leaving a donation. Our way of saying thank you.


If you feel that leaving a donation is not something you are comfortable with, please feel free to support us (and other small independent businesses) in other ways…

  • When the physical shop is open, please stop by and visit us. Even a purchase of a £1 tumble stone helps.
  • Look to see if there is something you would like to buy from our Shop on our website
  • We do GIFT VOUCHERS… think Birthday and Christmas presents.
  • In 2021, join a workshop. All you need to do is send us a message of what you would like to see.
  • Share our Facebook and Instagram posts, help build our community.
  • Leave a positive feedback/review on Google or Facebook.


So, now let me tell you our big dream…

It began with a visit from a well-respected Medium from Southend, who visited our shop for the first time in the summer of 2020. He was a lovely gentleman who talked with us for a short while and then felt compelled to tell us we would be re-locating! This was a shock to Louise and me because we absolutely love our location, looking out over Leigh Library gardens. But he said, no… you’ll be buying somewhere.
(we currently pay rent, which of course means rules and regulations)?


Hmmmmm? With not enough money in the bank, we left that in the back of our minds. But the seed had been sown!


After several months, and with all the new restrictions in place because of Coronavirus, our workshop space and shop are no longer user friendly. Due to restructuring our business model, we cannot offer healing treatments, and our workshop room is too small due to social distancing measures. (We really need more space!)


Then, several doors along from where we are based, a commercial shop becomes available to buy. With the memory of the conversation from the summer in my head, I phoned the estate agent to make an enquiry. I was told that unless we have a 50% deposit and a mortgage in place, we would not be able to buy property anywhere. This was confirmed by a local mortgage expert.


Not to be defeated, we posted on or Facebook page what it is our customers and followers enjoy from The Crystal Tree. (this can be read at the end of this campaign). We wanted to know if following the dream, to move to a larger building, was what was wanted in our community. At the end of the day, we are here to SERVE, in whatever capacity we can.


Seeds by now have sprouted, and we have so many ideas of our own that we would like to be able to offer our community. When we have our own property, more room to play with, and can be free from paying rent…


  • First and foremost, we want to be able to GIVE BACK to our community after receiving from this fundraising campaign.
  • A permanent fundraising area for charity, which will be…
  • A dedicated ‘quiet’ area for meditation, healing, reflection with a donation theme
  • Separate upstairs areas for workshops and healing treatments.
  • Workshop space will have its own small kitchen so that any all day workshop will have lunch included.
  • Our Gongs and singing bowls will be out permanently for regular sound-baths.
  • Space for drumming circles if its wanted.
  • More space for different gifts, not just crystals. Maybe even more sound instruments
  • A dedicated area for incense, essential oils and herbs
  • Be able to employ one or two members of staff so that we can offer more to the community.


(As you can see it’s a big dream, and we have loads more ideas. We are hoping that, with a little help from you, and a lot of hard work on our part, we will get there. Thank you for your support, it means the world to both of us!)




With every donation, we will send a coupon code that will allow you do download The Crystal Meditation for free.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE, If we do not meet our target to be able to get a mortgage, WE WILL RETURN EVERY DONATION RECEIVED. This Crowdfund is for a specific purpose!


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  1. Kate Marques on December 3, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    Exciting news Ladies !!
    I have donated and wish you all the best in your new venture.
    It sounds brilliant and, of course, all your beautiful crystals will get you there 😉 xx

    Will hopefully be popping by before Xmas xx

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