Crystal Grids and Soul & Spirit Award

Crystal Grids for Soul & Spirit

In the December 2017 edition of Soul & Spirit magazine, our little Shop  won second place in Soul & Spirit’s 2017 awards for best Spiritual Shop!

This edition of the magazine has lots of crystal articles, with a whole page written by Louise and I! This is very exciting, as you can imagine, but the article was actually a lot bigger. I spent a lot of time creating Crystal Grids, photographing them and writing about them. Rather than have all my work go to waste, I thought I would create a Crystal Grid blog!

So below is the brief sent to me and what follows are my answers to each scenario. I hope you enjoy!


Can you give us crystal recommendations and talk us through creating a crystal grid for the following situations/people. Please also supply imagery of the grid you have created in each of your answers (high res imagery), and if there any mantras, affirmations, essential oils etc that someone needs to include, please give details of these in your answers, too.


Crystal Grids are a wonderful tool for focusing energy and can be created for any purpose… nothing is too trivial or too big for a Crystal Grid to work for you. A Crystal Grid is a placement of stones in a geometric pattern, allowing them to work together as a team to enhance every area of your life. The combination of the power of crystals placed in a geometric pattern manifests results much quicker than a single crystal. The most important thing when creating your Grid is focus and intention!

When creating your Crystal Grid, make sure you give yourself plenty of time and space to create it, and really give it your full attention. Grab yourself a note pad and pen, sit down, and begin to write down what it is that you want from your Crystal Grid. This is your intention setting, and is probably the most important step!

Once you have the focus for your Grid, allow words or small sentences to form and write them down. Keep it positive and try beginning with “I can” or “I Am”. Then form a small mantra that you can repeat over and over in your mind as you choose and place your crystals. So for example, the last Grid I created for myself was about losing weight and choosing the correct food to be healthy. My mantra was “I Am slim, fit and healthy”!

Because I took the time to write down everything I wanted my grid to achieve, my small mantra was enough to empower and charge the whole grid.

With all Crystal Grids, you need a central focus stone, which represents your desired outcome, then a selection of crystals to place around the focus stone to amplify and enhance it. Once you have created your Crystal Grid, you will then need to activate it. You can do this with a quartz point, circling in a clockwise direction over each crystal, starting with the central crystal, then moving to the outer ring. After each crystal always return to the central stone to connect the energy together and reinforce the grid. If you do not have a quartz point, use your dominant hand and send energy from your heart, down your arm and out through your hand. Leave your Crystal Grid in place until your desired outcome has been manifested.

It is not necessary to have an image of sacred geometry underneath your Grid, but I nearly always have something underneath mine as I personally find that it gives it more power (this really is a personal thing). Images can be easily found online, but what is equally as powerful, is to have a picture or image of your desired outcome.

• A person with low self esteem and body image/feeling worthless

For this scenario, I have chosen a triangle inside a circle. The circle represents wholeness, and the triangle represents Mind, Body and Spirit. For the Focus Stone, I have chosen Rhodonite, but you can equally have chosen Morganite, both representing unconditional love. On the three points of the triangle I have placed Emerald, which builds self-esteem and confidence. On the lines of the triangle I have placed Mookite which lifts depression and builds self belief, Tree Agate which provides strength in challenging times, and Larimar which helps you to see who you really are, building confidence and self acceptance. On the circle I have placed Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is about love, happiness, confidence and forgiveness, which will lead to feelings of worthiness!
A good mantra could be, “I love myself just as I am”.

• A person who wants to get the confidence to ask someone they like out on a date – to start a new romantic relationship for 2018

I have chosen the Flower of Life as the starting point for this grid, the Flower of life representing creation. There were a few options when it came to choosing the focus stone. I chose a natural Citrine point as “confidence” seemed quite important in this scenario, but you could equally have chosen Rose Quartz and focused on “romantic relationship”. For the inner circle I placed Rose Quartz for love, romance and relationships. If you use rose quartz as your central stone, then replace the rose quartz at the inner circle with citrine. New Jade was then placed around the rose quartz, bringing in qualities of joy, happiness, love, friendship, but also making a clean break from the past, releasing past trauma and allowing one to find their soul mate. On the outer circle, I have placed Rhodochrosite and Garnet. Both of these bring passion and confidence, overcoming shyness and bringing self-confidence. Garnet will also add courage, strength and abundance. A good mantra could be “I am confident and I deserve happiness”.

• A person who wants to change their job and or career and have more success in this area

Again, I have chosen the Flower of Life as the sacred geometric pattern for underneath this Crystal Grid. I have picked a small citrine cluster as the focus stone. Citrine represents abundance, success, happiness, confidence and helps when wanting a career change, promoting enjoyment of new experiences. Other crystals within the grid are; Titanium Quartz points (pointing towards central stone) which can help with career change and decision making; Bumblebee Jasper enables you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and helps you make decisions; Pyrite can help with new beginnings and fresh starts. It brings positivity, creativity and helps with your thought processes; Ruby, on the outside circle of the grid promotes passion for life, improves motivation and setting realistic goals. A good mantra could be “I embrace change and I am happy and successful in my career choice”.

• A person who wants to get the courage to make a life-changing move (abroad or otherwise)

I have used the energy enhancing Metatron’s Cube as the pattern for this grid. The focus stone is aquamarine. Aquamarine is a stone of courage and helps with energy flow and making things happen! It also brings Protection for travellers. On the inner circle I have placed three moonstones and three Turquoise. Moonstone helps with new beginnings and enhances your intuition. It is also a good luck stone. Turquoise gives you courage and will protect you on your life changing move. On the outer circle are three snowflake obsidians and three Golden rutilated Quartz. Snowflake Obsidian helps with transformation and encourages inner reflection whilst golden rutilated quartz facilitates transitions and a change of direction. Both are good protection stones and will keep you safe wherever you decide to move to. A good mantra could be “I can do it. I trust me”.

• A person who wants to cut ties with those who bring negative and toxic energies into their life – like a difficult friend, unfaithful partner, etc.

The central focus stone is Black Tourmaline. On the outer circle I have placed four Axinite and four Optical Calcite. To complete the circle I have filled it with small pieces of Labradorite. Eight Smokey Quartz points pointing in towards the central focus stone brings the energy from the outer circle to enhance the energy of the black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is ‘the’ stone for protection. Protection from the negative/toxic energies being received, and forming a shield around you reflecting them back to their source. Black tourmaline can transform dense energy to a lighter vibration. The smokey quartz points can be the visual tool for cutting unwanted cords, but it is also excellent for stress and tolerating difficult times.
Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self. It also deflects unwanted energies from your energy field. Optical calcite helps you see through deception and avoid confusion, whilst Axinite is considered to be the stone of truth. Together the two crystals will aid in avoiding conflicts and struggles. They will be useful crystals as you move forward in your life bringing personal growth, promoting new friendships and relationships, and allowing you to surrender to necessary change. A possible mantra or affirmation to use when creating your grid could be “I cut and release all Cords that no longer represent my highest and greatest good”. I highly recommend you call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael when cutting and healing cords!


For more information on Crystal Grids, we recommend Philip Permutt’s Crystal Grid book…

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