crystal therapy

Crystals can act as amplifiers of spiritual energies and can be used to help natural healers to extend and enhance their natural healing energy.

Different crystals have different properties that can focus particular forms of healing energy – just as light passing though a stained glass window changes colour so healing energy is refined for specific complaints . Carrying a crystal will also enhance you of your self-healing abilities and specific crystals may help you to overcome specific complaints.

It is believed that crystals influence the subtle body – the energy body that caries our life force (known in the East as Prana or Chi). This life force is particularly focused at energy centres called chakras. By placing crystals on these chakra areas the healing effect of our system is boosted to bring better health and well being.

According to Wikipedia the earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt and references can be found in the the Ebers papyrus which refers to the medicinal uses of many different gems and crystals. Healing with crystals is also part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine traditions. and and in traditional Chinese medicine. These traditions are over five thousand years old.

What to expect during a Crystal Healing

Every crystal healing is different.

Crystal Healing is a non-invasive complementary therapy which allows you to relax your mind and body and helps to release any energy blockages that may be present and causing dis-ease.

Crystal Healing can trigger changes in your overall sense of being which may be felt as a relief of stress and tension, revitalisation, relaxation.

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