From a scientific point of view, crystal skulls are no more than a crystal in the shape of a skull. But the people who connect with a crystal skull experience them as special, and as wonderful tools that awaken something within themselves.

Crystal Skulls support us on our journey of remembering who we are and that we are all one. They are ideal tools to support us in increasing our vibrations. Helping us to remember who we are, and therefore helping us to express who we truly are, instead of expressing who we have been conditioned to be. When we work with a crystal skull we awaken its potential, and therefore increase the power of its characteristics.

Crystal skulls hold energy and information. They transmit and share this energy and information with other crystal skulls, like a download. Crystal skulls that have been activated have far more power and energy than those that are not activated or energised. Activation changes your crystal skull from a simple stone carving to a powerful tool for healing, consciousness, and intention.

Crystal skull activation is a process of awakening and optimising the energies and consciousness within your crystal skull. Activating your crystal skull is like turning on your computer so you can access the power and information held within it.

The process of carving a crystal skull, particularly once the eyes are carved, begins to awaken the consciousness within a crystal skull. When the skull shape starts to appear, the crystal energy shifts in frequency. Due to this frequency shift, the crystalline structure moves from the collective crystal energy field into the collective crystal skull energy field. This energy field holds the energy of all crystal skulls, whether they are old or contemporary. Each crystal skull contributes in its own unique way to this collective energy field, in the same way as each human contributes to the collective consciousness field of humankind.  The more you work with a crystal skull, the more activated and energised it becomes, and the more you can benefit from this empowered and enhanced energy.

Choosing a crystal skull and being a Guardian

When finding a crystal skull to work with it is a joint effort, as the crystal skull also chooses you as their guardian. We feel attracted to a crystal skull because it has a vibration that we can resonate with, and is compatible with our own unique vibration. When you connect with a crystal skull it vibrates with a stronger energy field. It calls to the person whose energy induces its activation through his or her resonance with that crystal skull. Being a keeper or guardian of a skull is a wonderful experience. They will fill your life with fun, healing and excitement. They will enhance your spiritual development and will be great teachers if you open your heart!


Many believe that crystal skulls have been used for a long time. There have to be reasons for such a widespread belief, and to discover what these reasons are, we must be willing to open up to our experiences and share them with others. The experience of using crystal skulls can be quite personal, so it is important to never compare yourself with others. No one will be able to master all aspects of crystal skulls. Be happy wherever you are in your ongoing journey with crystal skulls, and share and explore it with others.


Crystal Skull Meditations and Workshops.

Here at The Crystal Tree we have monthly meetings to meditate with our crystal skulls, and share our experiences. We also facilitate crystal skull workshops where you receive a mini quartz or rose quartz crystal skull and learn to activate and work with it. Please see our workshop and meditation pages for dates and details. (Not currently available)

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