THE BRITISH MUSEUM CRYSTAL SKULL VISIT on 17th October 2016 and ongoing meditations.

I sat with the British Museum crystal skull for nearly two hours. There were three of us in total who went to visit it… Louise my partner, and Paula, a very good friend, and we did cause quite a commotion ???. People gathered to watch what we were doing with our skulls, which caused the security guards concern! But all was ok and we were not asked to move on!

I have to say it is one of the most beautiful crystal skulls I have ever seen, with more of an anatomically correct shaping than most of the skulls you see these days. There are two benches right next to where the skull resides so we got to sit and allow others to enjoy the skull while we just kept going up to it when we could.

The British Museum Crystal Skull

First of all, the British Museum Skull is ok, its happy. The word I got quite clearly from it was that is was ‘resigned’ to being where it is and there are a lot of positives (more positives than negatives) to it being at The British Museum. The Museum is free, it’s a fabulous Museum to visit and the Crystal Skull gets to meet/see thousands of people every year.

The glass box that surrounds it is actually a good thing. This was something I got very loud and clear. I was so desperate to reach out and touch it… to give it love. I have so much love for this skull after meeting it. But it said… there is no getting away from the ‘ignorant’ (and I use this word in a loving way, it was meant that people do not understand), passers-by that call the skull ‘fake’. They are reading from a board on the wall by the skull (so yes, The Museum needs to re-address the words here), but it does say, a fake Aztec crystal skull and that it has been re classified as a European crystal skull dating from the 1800s, though the exact date of it’s carving is still unknown.

So going back to the glass box… the glass gives the skull a protective shield from all the negativity. You know how people talk about cleansing and charging crystals, well the crystal skull is safe. It can keep its resonance and frequency high simply because of the glass box.
When crystal skull lovers go to meet him, like we did, he is filled with love and healing from us. He gave me permission to take his photo just so that I could keep connecting with him and sending him love and healing from a distance.

The skull has white lights around it. When looking through the glass box, into the back of the British Museum’s skull’s head, these lights refract allowing images to appear. My first image was a triangle, which my friend also saw. This triangle, I was told, was a thankyou to us for coming to visit. It represented Louise, Paula and I. In my personal collection I have a beautiful Sodalite crystal skull that Louise, Paula and I all have different names for. The triangle image and the sodalite skull represents the three of us coming together, and that we must teach and support each other.

We all took crystal skulls from our personal collection with us on our visit. The large rose quartz skull I was holding simply sent unconditional love and healing. I also had a Nuummite and clear quartz skull that had been in ceremony with two Ancient crystal skulls under the full moon and summer solstice energies, and they wanted to simply communicate with the BM skull. I had another crystal clear quartz skull with me that i had no idea why it was coming along, but is now a direct link to the British Museum skull consciousness. They made a connection during our visit, so that now all i need to do is hold my quartz skull and I connect immediately to the British Museum skull… it’s like a portal. When I connect through meditation it’s generally been in the evening after closing time, and I see through the BM skull’s eyes. It’s like I am inside the skull and can see the closed museum. I have to say, to me, its quite spooky seeing the museum closed with all that ancient energy inside! ???

The lights through the BM skull also showed me an open doorway and i have been shown how to lead people in meditation to connect with the BM skull on our next meeting. It is also the first thing i see when i connect to the BM skull from a distance.

On my first distant connection with the BM skull, I met with a guide and sat on a crystal bench to ask whatever question(s) I currently had. My question was, what should I be doing next with regard to working with my crystal skull family?

Previously, my personal skulls had told me to do more world healing and this issue came up with the BM skull. I was told I had to take world healing more seriously and to do it more often. I asked how. I was shown a world map, and that I needed to purchase a large one. I asked where I was going to store this map. At first I was shown something that I could roll up, but this wasn’t practical for me. So then I was shown something that I could hang on the wall, but then bring down on the 13th of each month to connect with in the world peace meditation, and also use in the skull meetings we have at the shop. I asked the BM skull to help me find such a map and that I didn’t want to spend more than £100. The next day I searched online for a map, and found the perfect thing… a large world map shaded in the colour pink (the pink ray is used in the monthly world peace meditation), which is perfect as a visual tool for anchoring the pink ray of love to the world. It was also light enough to be hung on the wall and removed when needed, and it cost… £100 exactly!! I was holding my baby quartz skull at the time, so it was like the BM skull was with me on my search.

After asking my questions, I got up from the bench to leave, but my guide stopped me and asked me a question!! It asked, do you want to know how this communication is happening? I was stunned, and stopped in my tracks to listen carefully. I was told the British Museum Skull had a caretaker… a doorkeeper, just like we have. The doorkeeper allows the right being and energy to come through to meet with the human soul connecting with the BM Skull. The caretaker can adjust the frequency of the BM skull to allow the perfect connection between the higher energies from other realms/dimensions to us here on the Earth dimension. But only beings of pure light and love are allowed in!

The BM skull is here for humanity and knows now that the British Museum is the perfect home for it to serve. The tests are over, it has had time to heal, and it is ready to be of service. I asked if there was a name for the caretaker, and I was told that the caretaker was of more masculine energy and is happy just to be called the BM skull caretaker. The British Museum skull is happy to be called The British Museum skull, or BM skull for short, as that is its identity and is known all over the world as this. It is neither male or female and is a vessel for higher beings to use and communicate with us. So please do not get ‘hung up’ with names, the British Museum crystal skull has a name!
The British Museum Skull had been in my head for quite some time before visiting it, and now I know why, it wants to re-educate people! It doesn’t want people to be sad for it, just to love it and keep sending it love. Its energy is very strong in the crystal skull consciousness realm, so feel free to connect with it.

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