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Crystal Skull World Day 2016

From Crystal Skull World Day website…


WHAT IF every crystal skull guardian in the world focused on sending a healing energy to Mother Earth and all life for just twenty five minutes (or so) on one special day? Would you join in? And if so, what do you think might happen to our world? We, the Crystal Skull Hearts Council (CSHC), are a group of crystal skull guardians who have come together in joy and love in response to the above questions. Formed via the Facebook group now called Crystal Skull World Day, we have created a unique event that we have called (by the same name) – CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY – to unite the world in peace and harmony. The Council is comprised of sixteen members of different backgrounds and from various countries of the world, each of whom has volunteered their time to coordinate this special day. As the Family’s governing body, we will always speak as one voice to reflect the unified consciousness of the Creator, which the crystal skulls embody and to which we each aspire.



We joyfully invite all crystal skull guardians and crystal keepers across the globe to link up with us for the next ceremony/meditation we will once again hold on Sunday, November 20th, 2016 at four designated times (see below). Each participant will join in this ceremony while holding one of their crystal skulls or crystals to send out a loving, healing energy to the planet. This could be done alone, or in a group, perhaps at a sacred site or in nature. If you don’t have access to a crystal skull, you can hold a special piece of crystal instead while focusing on an image of a crystal skull. This event will celebrate the healing and peaceful energies contained within all the crystal skulls that exist in the world, whether newly carved, old or ancient; in public view or hidden.


Linkup Time #1: 11 PM NYC (EST, Sat, Nov. 19th); 4 AM London, UK (GMT); 3 PM Sydney, Australia
Linkup Time #2: 8 AM NYC (EST); 1 PM London, UK (GMT); Midnight (12 AM) Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)
Linkup Time #3: 1 PM NYC (EST); 6 PM London, UK (GMT); 5 AM Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)
Linkup Time #4: 6 PM NYC (EST); 11 PM London, UK (GMT); 10 AM Sydney, Australia (Monday, Nov. 21)

For more information, see here… http://crystalskullworldday.com/what-to-do-on-crystal-skull-world-day-2016-how-to-perform-the-meditation-with-the-audio/


Due to other commitments that weekend, the only time we are free to linkup in meditation is 6pm GMT. We will be opening the doors for a FREE gathering and meditation, please arrive before 5:45pm so that we have time to settle. Places must be booked as space is limited. Please use the contact page or call us on 01702 808710.

We will have time for tea/coffee afterwards so that we can chat and exchange experiences.

Feel free to bring as many crystal skulls as you wish. If you do not own a crystal skull, you can either borrow one of ours or use a quartz point.


In the Meantime…..

How about joining in for the monthly World Peace meditation!! The Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation is conducted on the 13th of each month at the 13th hour – this mediation is co-sponsored by the Crystal Skull Explorers and the International Crystal Skull Network – details are at:

If you are unable to make this meditation you can perform it any time before and send the energy forward.

Monthly World Peace Meditation link.