Day 29 of 30. On Top of a Mountain

Day 29 of 30. On Top of a Mountain

I have owned a beautiful black Tibetan Quartz point for some years now, and until recently I have not received much information from it when meditating with it.

The first time I sat with my crystal, I met the energetic being living inside, and he described himself as being a Tibetan Yogi. As far as I am aware, a Yogi is someone who spends a lot of their time practising meditation. They inspire a lot of people because, through meditation, they gain control over their mind, their next life, and can gain Enlightenment.

Whenever I meet with the Yogi, we always spend time on top of one of the peaks of the Himalaya’s, sitting together in quiet contemplation. In the beginning I was told that when the time was right he would pass on information, but only when I was ready. So for a long time, my black quartz has been stored carefully away.

Here at The Crystal Tree, our monthly crystal meditation evenings are proving to be popular so we now hold them twice a month. So on the repeat evening of our chosen crystal, I have been choosing a different crystal to work with. Last month I was called to sit with my Black Tibetan quartz… It was time!!

I am not going to bore you with the details of that meditation, but to sum it up, I was given information about a Crystal Skull. Our final blog post (which is tomorrow) of the 30 day challenge will be about crystal skulls in general and how they can help us.

Last night it was the repeat of the yellow jasper meditation evening, so again I sat with my Black Quartz. This time my Yogi and I were sitting on top of Mount Everest, and down below us and in front of us was Nepal. We spent the time giving distant healing to the people going through the traumatic event and aftermath of the Earthquake. I could see thousands upon thousands of Angels that had been sent to the area to help and give comfort to the people there. I called in more, as you can never have enough Angels and they are always pleased to help, they just need to be asked!

I was reminded that everything happens for a reason, that the people who have lost their lives knew that this would happen to them and chose this path before they were born. They had incarnated in this lifetime to help with the events and lessons that will unfold from the Earthquake.

Each moment of our lives on this earth is precious. We are all amazing. We should all endeavour to live in truth, love and compassion, and trust that we are making a difference in the world, in our own small way.

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