Fire Dragons, The Fire Element, and our Healing Grid

Working with Fire Dragons and the Fire element.
This month’s new healing grid.

We have been guided by our fire dragon to create a new grid for this zodiac month of Aries, a fire element sign.

The Fire dragons are powerful psychic protectors as well as healers. They are a good ally to have. If you are under psychic attack you can ask a Fire Dragon to protect you and deflect the negative energy away.
Working with them gives you an opportunity to quickly clear away stuck energy within your body and aura, as well as areas of stuck energy in your life.
You can also work with the fire dragons to open up your sacral chakra to unleash your inner creativity.
Fire Dragons can transmute dense energy. Send them to places around the world where there are war zones or terrorist activity etc, then send in the unicorns to bring light and high vibrational healing to the area.

Fire Dragons are good at offering wisdom and boosting energy levels.

Red Carnelian is a good crystal for working with them.


What is a Dragon?
Dragons are elemental beings with intelligent fields of conscious energy; they hold the knowledge of the universe. Once we lose our fear, Dragons will help us by opening the doors to universal wisdom and energies. The fields of consciousness created by the Dragons are capable of building bridges and portals to other dimensions; bringing higher levels of consciousness and pure energies to earth.
Why are Dragons here?
Their mission is to guide humans to co-create a new way of living harmoniously with nature and the Earth so we can evolve to our highest potential as human beings. The Dragons have to be asked to help as they will not interfere with our free will and insist that we co-create with them. But once asked, their action is fast and immediate. Dragon energies are the conscious intelligent energies connected to the elements of the periodic table. They claim themselves to be the engineers who brought the elements together to form our Planet Earth and everything we know in our third dimensional world.



Our grid shows an image of the Fire Goddess, Pele. The tetrahedron, the symbol of the Fire element, sits on top. We have then created a triangle from the Dragon and mini Crystal skull, Unicorn and Carnelian flame. Another triangle has been created from a combination of lava stone, fire opal and mini world globes.


Please feel free to print a copy of our grid and use for your own world healing or personal transformation.



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