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We have several Meditation Classes each month.

Places are limited and must be booked!

ALL evening classes START at 7pm (unless stated), so please arrive before this time.
All Meditation classes need to be paid with CASH ONLY please.

Please check dates for meditations on the calendar under events tab.

Crystal Meditation Evening

Our Crystal Meditation evening consists of TWO meditations! The first will be with the crystal of the month, followed by a quick break for tea/coffee and maybe a biscuit! Then we will sit for another meditation which is always different. Each class costs £15 (unless stated) and you get to keep your crystal. Please bring your own water. Evening starts at 7pm.

Soul Rescue Evening with Kieron Morgan

There are many reasons why a person’s soul doesn’t manage to make it back to the source when their time on Earth comes to and end: Fear, regret, unfinished business or confusion about the whole “passing over process”. These unfortunate souls can get trapped and stuck here on the Earth plane without the means to get to where they need to be – back and at one with the Divine source.

There is no charge for the Soul Rescue evening as we are doing service work.

Dragon Meditation Evening with Kieron Morgan

Kieron Morgan (Brother of Dragons and founder of Pendragon Reiki) offers you the opportunity of spending an evening working with his beloved Dragon collective. Each evening will cost £15 payable in cash only.

FULL MOON / NEW MOON Meditation & Sound Bath Evening with Tracy & Louise

Check the calendar under events tab for next dates.

Meditation and Sound Evening including the GONG involves a meditation with the current Moon energy. A short break with hot drink served, followed by the Sound Bath. For the sound bath, you will be seated in a chair, not laying on the floor. Please bring your own water.

Each evening has an energy exchange of £15 payable in cash only.

REAL MAGICK with Kieron Morgan

Check the calendar under events tab for next dates.

A series of evening workshops. A beginners guide to the world of practical Magick. No experience necessary. Exchange £15 per session, payable in cash only.

Kieron Morgan, Magician and alchemyst for 20 years, offers you the chance to find out the truth behind the wand and word, to learn about the fundamentals of REAL magick and how the magickal principles can be applied to everyday life and living. Magick is everywhere, all we need to do is remember how to see it.


Fortnightly. Thursday DAYTIME 10:30am to 12pm | Exchange £10

Morgan’s marvellous meditation mornings give you the chance to unplug from the rigours of your everyday and spend a little time for yourself. Through the fortnightly sessions we will be working with a smorgasbord of energies and presences to help you to relax, release and recharge – ready to face the rest of your day, brighter and happier. Whether it be travelling through the cosmos on the back of a Dragon, or lying in a forest pool listening to songs of the ancient Mothers whilst the Faerie folk dance around you, Morgan’s marvellous meditations will take you on a journey without or within yourself to help soothe your fractious soul; That and there’s tea, coffee and probably cake too!

So if you have the time and the inclination (and a tenner), why not join us on a magical, mystical journey that could be to anywhere in our imagination, all without having to leave your chair.

All are welcome to our meditation classes. Hot drinks are provided, but please bring your own water as we no longer provide water in plastic bottles.
Please contact us to book your seat as places are limited. We look forward to seeing you!

Please note that ALL Meditation classes need to be paid in cash.

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