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Meditation Classes

We have several Meditation Classes each month. Places are limited and must be booked!
All Meditation classes need to be paid with CASH ONLY please.

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Crystal Meditation Evening with Gareth Hughes

Wed 19th Sept 2018 @7pm.    Friday 21st Sept @ 7pm.

Friday 12th Oct @ 7pm.    Wed 17th Oct @ 7pm.

Friday 9th Nov @ 7pm.    Wed 14th Nov @ 7pm.

Wed 12th Dec @7pm.    Friday 14th Dec @ 7pm.

Our Crystal Meditation evening consists of TWO meditations! The first will be with the crystal of the month, followed by a quick break for tea/coffee and maybe a biscuit! Then we will sit for another meditation which is always different. Each class costs £12 (unless stated) and you get to keep your crystal.

Soul Rescue Evening with Kieron Morgan

Monday 28th September @ 7pm Soul Rescue Evening with Kieron Morgan. £Donation to charity

Monday 29th October @7pm. £Donation to charity

Monday 3rd December @7pm. £Donation to charity

Monday 28th January 2019 @7pm £Donation to charity

Monday 25th February 2019  @7pm £Donation to charity

There is no charge for the Soul Rescue evening as we are doing service work. But a donation to charity for the tea/coffee and heating would be lovely.

Dragon Meditation Evening with Kieron Morgan

Monday 24th September @7pm Dragon Meditation Evening

Monday 22nd October @7pm

Monday 26th November @7pm

Monday 14th January 2019 @7pm

Monday 18th February 2019 @7pm

Kieron Morgan (Brother of Dragons and founder of Pendragon Reiki) offers you the opportunity of spending an evening working with his beloved Dragon collective. Each evening will cost £20 payable in cash.

FULL MOON / NEW MOON Meditation & Sound Bath Evening with Tracy & Louise

Wed 26th Sept @7pm – Full Moon (full moon is on 25th)

Wed 10th Oct @7pm – New Moon (new moon is on the 9th)

Wed 24th Oct @7pm – Full Moon

Wed 7th Nov @7pm – New Moon

Fri 23rd Nov @7pm – Full Moon

Fri 7th Dec @7pm – New Moon

Sat 22nd Dec @7pm – Full Moon (maybe)

Meditation and Sound Evening with the GONG involves a meditation with the current Moon energy. A short break with hot drink served, followed by the Sound Bath.
Evenings currently cost £10, but will go up to £15 from January.

REAL MAGICK with Kieron Morgan

Mon 15th Oct @7pm

Mon 12th Nov @7pm

Mon 10th Dec @7pm

Wed 9th Jan 2019 @7pm

Mon 4th Feb @7pm

A series of evening workshops. A beginners guide to the world of practical Magick. No experience necessary. Exchange £20 per session.


All are welcome to our meditation classes. Hot drinks are provided, but please bring your own water as we no longer provide water in plastic bottles.
Please contact us to book your seat as places are limited. We look forward to seeing you!

Please note that Meditation classes need to be paid in cash.