Louise and I have a current favourite crystal and we wanted to share it with you. We have managed to source some beautiful specimen’s recently and it is very hard to decide what to keep and what to sell as we want them all!!

The crystal is called OCEAN JASPER. It comes in such a range of colours… white, green, pink, red, black, blue, and the patterns… polka dots, wavy lines, multi floret patterns, make Ocean Jasper a gorgeous and exciting crystal.

Ocean Jasper (also called Orbicular Jasper) is an unusual jasper found at a remote location on the coast of Madagascar that can only be mined at low tide. With no roads in this remote area, it must be removed and transported by boat.


Ocean Jasper draws its soothing power from the element of Water. It is a stone of strength and renewal with a slow, steady frequency and a deep circular energy that embodies the interconnectedness of all things. Its spherical patterns are a spiritual reminder of how thoughts, words and actions interact in our world and flow in a circular direction. It honours the principle that what one sends out will indeed return. Ocean Jasper is a marvellous stone for cultivating patience and coping with change, and encourages giving service to others. [Hall II, 164]

Like all Jaspers, Ocean Jasper alleviates stress and induces tranquillity. Its cleansing effect eliminates negative energy and stabilizes the aura. It makes an ideal worry or rubbing stone for soothing the nerves and increasing one’s focus, and is a wonderful stone for banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts.

Jasper water is particularly useful as a gem elixir because it does not over stimulate the body. It is soothing for the digestive system, calms nausea and vomiting, and strengthens the stomach.

Ocean Jasper brings to the surface long-hidden and unresolved emotional issues and uses its gentle nurturing energies to bring healing. It encourages being honest with oneself when confronting problems and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Over time it inspires patience, self-love and empathy for others, and creates a more hopeful attitude toward the future. [Hall II, 164]

Ocean Jasper is a stone for healers and counsellors to nurture themselves as they help others.


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