Avalon Stone / Sarsen Stone / Merlin Stone

Avalon Stone / Sarsen Stone / Merlin Stone

These skulls and carvings are hand sourced and hand carved from stones of sacred sites. They hold the energy of the sacred site with their consciousness and they assist in the realization of your true nature of Divine Love. These sacred skulls are very special and they bring Divine Essence, Unconditional Love and knowledge beyond mind.

Avalon Stone

The Avalon Black Stone comes from the sacred area of Glastonbury. It is very old stone and contains energies of the St. Michael and St. Mary ley lines which go around the world. Avalon Stone is linked very much to Goddess Worship and also has ancient memory within planetary consciousness.

Merlin Stone from Merlin’s Cave

Merlin stone skulls are hand sourced and hand carved from a sacred site known as Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel, Cornwall. They link you with heart of Source and they bring the energy of Divine Love and deep transformation. They assist you to reach higher level of vibrations and to realize you are a cosmic aspect of Source. They hold within them the Arthurian knowledge and wisdom teachings, and also hold access to Merlin consciousness. Merlin’s skulls bring deep Love to the whole of Creation.

Sarsen Stone

The Sarsen Stone is native to Southern England and is best known for its presence in ancient megalithic sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Sarsen stone is the same stone that Stonehenge outer stones were made from. It is a liquid quartz with sand stone and comes from near Avebury sacred site. The stone is linked to Goddess Worship, works as an amplifier energetically and can charge other crystals. Sarsen stone is one of the most mysterious types of stone. It brings Divine Love and it gives protection from discordant energies. Metaphysically, The Sarsen Stone is a Stone of Timing and Endurance. It possesses a solid energy that provides a gentle grounding effect during meditation. This stone broadcasts a protective vibration, and encourages resistance-to-that-which-does-not-serve-us. It can help us learn to ‘weather life’s storms’ unscathed, demonstrating tenacity, courage, will-power and inner fortitude, and the ability to ‘pace oneself accordingly’. The Sarsen Stone can assist us with the lessons of Time and Timing, and helps us notice and appreciate the intricacies and beauty of the simple things that might normally escape our attention.

information taken from http://crystalskulls.johnarmitage.me/

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