Crystal Water Bottles

Bringing the magic and wonder of high quality and rare elixirs into your daily life.

This is a glass water bottle with a separate glass chamber allowing for a crystal combination of your choice to aid Mind, Body and Soul, allowing you to drink the energy of the crystals safely.

About Crystal Water Bottles

  • The pod inside the bottle containing your crystals is also glass and is held in place with a silicone base.
  • The silicone base can be removed from the glass pod allowing you to change your crystals to suit your needs
  • Your Crystal Glass Water Bottle is made from Borosilicate glass, food grade, chemical free, hot-cold resistance, recyclable and lead free.
  • They are a manageable size with a height of 17.5cm which makes it easier to carry around with you.
  • Your glass bottle is dishwasher proof.
  • The lid and base of the Crystal Water Bottles are bamboo.

    Bamboo is a natural material which should not be exposed to excessive moisture i.e. left on a wet surface for extended periods of time. Simply wipe clean your bamboo with a wet cloth and leave to dry.

  • Scientific evidence proves that within 7-10 minutes the vibrational healing energies of crystals are transferred to your water, changing the properties of your water. So fill up your water bottle, leave for at least 7 minutes and you are then ready to drink the energies of your chosen crystal combination.

Inserting the glass pod into the glass bottle

  1. Remove the packaging from your pod and bottle
  2. Rinse the pod under water to quickly cleanse
  3. Wash your glass bottle and leave to dry
  4. Place the sealed glass pod into the bottom of the glass bottle
  5. Now you are ready to insert the glass pod into the bottom of the glassbottle
  6. Screw the bamboo base onto the bottom of the bottle making sure itis a tight fit
  7. Fill your Crystal Water Bottle up with water. Place the bamboo lidonto the top of your bottle and leave for 7-10 minutes. During this time the vibrational healing energy from your crystals will be absorbed into the water, ready for you to drink and enjoy
  8. Continue to fill your bottle up throughout the day so that you are drinking the energies of your favourite crystals at all times

Changing over your Pod/Crystals

  1. Remove the glass pod from your Crystal Water Bottle by unscrewing the bamboo base
  2. Hold the glass pod upside down in one hand securely
  3. Peel off the silicone base, exposing the crystals
  4. Gently pour the crystals from the pod onto a piece of cloth and placein a little pouch ready to use next time
  5. Gently add your replacement crystals into the glass pod, ensuring thecrystals are packed securely in the pod, as you do not want yourcrystals to be knocking against the glass pod
  6. Place the silicone base firmly into the bottom of the glass podcontaining your crystals, making sure your base fits securely
  7. Now follow steps 4 to 8 above

Please note the bottles and pods are glass, the pods contain small items which could result in choking if out of the pod. Please do not leave children unsupervised. Click on the product for even more information!

Crystal energies/elixirs should not replace conventional medication given to you by your health care professional.

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