Amethyst Geode


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Amethyst Geode / Church / Cave / Cathedral.
Weighing 4.2 kilos and standing approx 20cm tall, 12cm deep and 13.5cm wide


Amethyst Geode Caves have formed from volcanic lava flow from millions of years ago. So you are getting a real piece of the Earth’s history. The history of these is quite amazing and highlights how impressive Mother Nature is.

  • They are amazing to look at. You will never get bored of looking at your new crystal geode cave sitting proudly in your home.
  • Amethyst is known as a protective stone so well worth having one for that reason.
  • If you love to meditate then be sure to place one of these in the room you do your meditations.
  • They brighten up any room with their beautiful, natural purple amethyst colour.
  • You can use your Geode cave to charge your other crystals. You can place your other crystals inside the cave to charge them, helping release and cleanse the crystal.
  • Your pets will love it.
  • Crystal Geodes are not flawless. Instead, they capture the beauty of nature at a given moment in time over hundreds of thousands of years. It will remind us of our natural beauty despite our ‘flaws’.
  • It will remind you of the abundant nature of the universe. It is amazing that without ‘trying’, something this exquisite is made with no effort from nature. It just ‘is’.



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