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Avalon Stone Alien Crystal Skull Carving

Avalon Stone Alien Crystal Skull Carving


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Avalon Stone Alien Crystal Skull Carving

We have two of these Alien Skull carvings. Both stand 2 inches tall and weigh approx. 140 grams.

The Avalon Black Stone comes from the sacred area of Glastonbury. It is very old stone and contains energies of the St. Michael and St. Mary ley lines which go around the world. Avalon Stone is linked very much to Goddess Worship and also has ancient memory within planetary consciousness.

Crystal Skulls

There are those who believe that some ancient crystal skulls are crystalline consciousness of advanced beings that do not originate on Earth. Some believe that crystal skulls are some type of receiver, antenna or radio to allow us to receive and communicate information at higher levels of consciousness with those in higher dimensions. There are those who believe that beings from the Pleiades, among others, are trying to assist humanity and the Earth to avoid annihilation and self-destruction, and that crystal skulls are one of the tools for raising human consciousness and mass awakening on Earth before it is too late.

Crystal skulls are one of the many mysteries on Earth that we have yet to fully understand or explain. But by working with crystal skull carvings, we can begin to find our own answers.


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