Avalon Stone baby Crystal Skulls




Avalon Stone baby Crystal Skulls

Avalon Stone baby Crystal Skulls measuring approx. 2 inches and weighing between 94-108 grams.

The detail in these hand carved baby Avalon Skulls are incredible!! We have just 4 of these babies, so please be quick if one calls to you. Also, take a look at the baby Sarsen Stone Crystal Skulls!

The Avalon Black Stone comes from the sacred area of Glastonbury. It is very old stone and contains energies of the St. Michael and St. Mary ley lines which go around the world. Avalon Stone is linked very much to Goddess Worship and also has ancient memory within planetary consciousness.

These skulls are hand sourced and hand carved from stones of sacred sites. They hold the energy of the sacred site with their consciousness and they assist in the realization of your true nature of Divine Love. These sacred skulls are very special and they bring Divine Essence, Unconditional Love and knowledge beyond mind.

Information taken from http://crystalskulls.johnarmitage.me/shop/dragon-skulls

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Avalon Stone Crystal Skulls

Left 1, Middle Left 2, Middle Right 3, Right 4


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