Black Tourmaline Pendant

Black Tourmaline Pendant


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Black Tourmaline pendant measures approx. 25 mm in height. Sterling Silver bale. Your pendant will be chosen at random from our current stock. But you can rest assured that each one is high quality.

Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds, as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone.

This is one of the most popular crystals to be used for metaphysical purposes. Many people, and we at The Crystal Tree are amongst this group, believe this is the best protection stone that you can use.

Also known as Schorl, it encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in.

They are wonderful aids to both the professional healer and the average person who wants a stone that will be a positive force for good in your life, as it creates a positive attitude and mindset.


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