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The UNIVERSE is optimum for use in Spas, seminar and conference rooms, consultation/healing rooms, offices. You could even treat yourself and have one in your home. Mouth-blown and made with traditional workmanship this stunning piece is the ultimate visual for your chosen room.


The Carafe “Universe” is the largest mouth blown water carafe worldwide. With its capacity of 10 litres, the Universe is ideally suited for seminars and conventions, medical and physiotherapist offices, as well as public areas.

The patented watertap is designed for frequent use and easy handling. In addition, the glass tube which is included with the Universe carafe allows for easy cooling with ice cubes, while not mixing the cubes with the carafe water. Also useful is the application of the glass tube with precious stones or any other additional vitalising media. The advantage is that no direct contact between glass tube filling and drinking water takes place, thus preventing any kind of contamination of the water.

The Flower of Life fired into the base in Platinum enhances the overall design, making it an exceptional designer piece. Due to its robust base material, it is possible to clean the UNIVERSE carafe using hot water. This additional emblazoning of the Flower of Life inside makes the glass more break-resistant.

The effectiveness of the carafe in revitalising liquids placed within it is created by its physical shape. This effect is guaranteed as long as the shape is preserved. No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or any other kind of energetic inputs are required to create the revitalisation effect.


  • The Ultimate Water Dispenser.
  • Swiss made.
  • Structures 10 Litres of Water in 3 mins.
  • Unique exceptional designer piece.
  • The largest mouth-blown water Carafe in the world.
  • Emblazoned with real Platinum Flower of Life.
  • Visually stunning Carafe.
  • Add Gemstones, your own Crystals or Energy pieces to the tube. Comes supplied with amethyst, rose quartz and quartz.

The patented tap system has been designed for intensive use and ease of operation in combination with optimum hygiene conditions. Furthermore, the obligatory Universe Tube supplied with the carafe enables natural chilling: Simply add ice cubes to the Universe Tube and the drinking water will be rapidly chilled without coming into direct contact with the cooling medium.





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