Carnelian And Pyrite Bracelet

Carnelian And Pyrite Bracelet


Red Carnelian hearts spaced with round pyrite beads.

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Red Carnelian hearts spaced with 3mm round pyrite beads.

I wear mine as pain relief for my back and to increase my energy levels throughout the day.


Carnelian is said to increase ambition, drive and confidence.  It is believed to protect the wearer from negative emotions and to calm the angry, and the envious.  It is also reputed to bring about warmth, sociability, creativity and happiness and to restore self-esteem. Placed near the front door Carnelian is said to invoke protection and to bring abundance into the home.

Pyrite is also known as ‘fools gold’ because it has a history of being mistaken for gold.  It is thought to be a highly protective stone blocking and shielding you from negative energy, for this reason it has long been used as a talisman.

Pyrite is said to reduce fatigue and is a good stone for students because it is thought to improve memory and recall and to stimulate the flow of ideas.  Pyrite can also be beneficial when planning large business concepts because placing a piece on the desk is said to energise the area around it.

Clasp in bracelet sent may be different to the one in the picture, but it will be a toggle clasp unless you specify otherwise. Bracelet measures approx. 7.5 inches


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