Healing for Mind, Body and Soul

Children’s Gift Set


12 Crystal Healing Stones

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* AVENTURINE: Allows children to venture outside their comfort zone, gives a feeling of safety and comfort
* BLOODSTONE: Keeps up their immune system
* BLUE LACE AGATE : Reduces fevers
* CARNELIAN : Energizing
* FLUORITE : Helps with concentration for steady learning
* HEMATITE: Helps create and protect strong bones
* ROSE QUARTZ : Teaches children to love unconditionally.
* TIGER EYE : Brings the warmth and strength of the sun into their lives
* TOURMALINE QUARTZ : Helps with Dyslexia and builds confidence
* TURQUOISE : Protects at play
* WHITE HOWLITE : Absorbs anger
* YELLOW JADE or YELLOW FLUORITE : Protects against childhood illnesses

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