Cobaltoan Calcite Tumblestones


Cobaltoan Calcite is a gift of love. It helps with the formation of friendships, activates and stimulates and clears the heart chakra and enhances love.

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Cobaltoan Calcite.

This stunning tumblestone is from D.R.Congo, and has a super colour and is almost completely Cobaltoan Calcite. A gift of Cobaltoan Calcite is a gift of love. It helps forming friendships; activates, stimulates and clears the heart chakra; and enhances love. Additionally, It also encourages positivity, dispels negativity, charges the auric bodies and facilitates a deep and stable connection with the spirit world. Furthermore, use this crystal as a guide to past lives. It enhances all psychic abilities, visions, healings and unusual manifestations. It is an excellent stone for meditation. Moreover, this stunning gemstone is a healing crystal and can be used in the treatment of conditions which are considered age related disorders. Also, it can be used to inhibit the degeneration of cellular structures.


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