Cryolite Tumblestones



Cryolite Tumblestones.

ULTRA RARE crystal from Greenland. The Greenland mine has no Cryolite left!

Cryolite is known to enhance your gifts of psychic knowing, as well as stimulating other psychic gifts. This is a highly spiritual crystal with a high vibration that has a powerful effect on one’s brain. Furthermore, this crystal is known as one of the more powerful crystals to aid light-body awakening.

Additionally, this stunning crystal purifies the subtle bodies so higher states of awareness can be reached. It stimulates contact with the Higher Self and Soul. It aligns your Higher Self with your Soul to assist you to align with your spiritual truth and live from your heart.

Tumblestones are selected at random from stock. If you wish to receive a specific gemstone call us at 01702 808710 during shop opening hours, or send us a message from the contact page if you wish to receive more pictures.


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