Crystal Palm-stones



Because of their oval or round shape, crystal palm-stones are easy to hold. Your hands are essential receptors, and they will facilitate channelling the stone’s energy through your body. Simply holding a palm-stone creates a powerful shift in your emotional state. It gives you a moment to focus on your breathe, calm the mind and tap into the healing vibrations of the earth.

Carrying your palm-stone in a pocket or holding it in your hand will help you to stay in sync with the energy of the crystal and keep you focused on your desired outcome / intention.

Use your crystal as an energetic check on your emotions. Its energy acts as a guide, encouraging you to elevate your perspective, and take a more mindful approach to your day. Once you get the hang of that, begin incorporating other ways to use your crystals in your daily practice. Whether you are looking to meditate, set an intention, ground your energy, or sleep easier at night, you can use crystals to assist your goals.

We have a variety of crystal palm-stones for you to choose from. The specimens in the photos are the exact items you will receive. They are kept separate from our other stock. If you wish to see what else we have available, please send us a message via the contact us page. Click on the option drop-down menu for more details on each piece. All measurements are approximate.

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Aventurine, Sunstone, Obsidian, Carnelian, Hematite, Ruby Kyanite, Pink Tourmaline in Quartz, Ruby Fuchsite, Lepidolite, Angelite, Howlite, Sodalite A, Moss Agate, Moonstone, Sodalite B, Lapis Lazuli, Unakite, Dragon Blood Jasper, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Snow Quartz


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