Crystal Skulls

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We are the first shop in the UK to be bringing you these amazingly detailed 1″ crystal skulls.

We have Rose Quartz and Quartz available. All are hand carved and have their own little characteristics.

We have cleansed and charged every skull. We have also left each skull to activate in front of a photograph of an Ancient skull. Crystal skull activation is a term used to describe actions to augment the inherent power of a crystal skull, making their energies more radiant and effective.

Crystal skulls hold energy and information, like a computer that records everything that it has ever witnessed. Crystal skulls transmit and share this energy and information with other crystal skulls, like a download. Crystal skulls that have been activated have far more power and energy than those that are not activated or energized.

We hold mini Crystal Skull workshops at The Ctystal Tree. Each person on the workshop will get one of these mini skulls included in the workshop price. Please see workshop page for more information.


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Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz


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