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This is the link to the pre-made crystal cocktail sets for the Pure Crystal Water Bottles. An empty Pure Crystal Water bottle is also available.

You will already need to own a bottle to use these crystal sets. The glass chamber allows you to drink the energy of the crystals safely. Scientific evidence shows that the vibrational healing energies of crystals ARE transferred to your water.


Please click on the Additional Information tab for available crystal chips to create your own elixirs!
If you would like us to create something bespoke, please send us a message on the contact page, or phone during shop opening hours on 01702 808710.




Additional information

Crystal Cocktails Available

Protect & Guard, Willpower, Confidence & Self Love, Immune Boost, Happiness & Joy, Especially Pure, Abundance, Solar Plexus Chakra, Anxiety, Cancer, Fertility, Menopause, Balance, Weight Loss, Enlightenment, Crystal Water bottle

Crystal Chips Available

Amber – Solar Plexus, Pain relief, Purification, Cleansing, Promotes good luck and success

Amethyst – Spiritual awareness, Psychic abilities, Inner peace and healing, Positive transformation

Ancestralite – helps heal the family tree, Soul learning, spiritual insights, balance and focus

Apatite – Intellect, Focus, Learning, Stimulates thoughts & ideas, Intellectual pursuits, Peace and harmony

Aquamarine – Cleansing, Serenity, Peace, Prophecy, Inspiration, Calming

Aventurine – Prosperity, Calmness, Career success, Balance, Heals circulation, good luck stone

Blue Lace Agate – Hope, Cleansing, Harmony, Optimism, Truth, Purification, Calming

Carnelian – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, full of life force and vitality, motivation

Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra, abundance, prosperity, success, self-esteem, confidence, energising

Clear Quartz – Harmony, Energy, Healing, Psychic abilities, Clarity, Calmness

Fairy Stone – fertility, health & prosperity, a positive stone that balances & calms your mind & emotions

Fluorite – cleanses and stabilises the aura, an excellent learning aid, boosts the immune system

Labradorite – Transformation, psychic abilities, strengthens our will, stimulates imagination, Calming

Lapis Lazuli – Stimulates enlightenment, Intuition, Self-confidence, Manifestation, Friendship

Larimar – Throat, communication, soothes and heals emotions and stresses, connects with Atlantis

Lithium Quartz – emotional peace, stress release, a powerful yet gentle healer, balances the brain

Moldavite – an amulet for good fortune and fertility, transformation, communication with Higher Beings

Moonstone – New beginnings, balances hormones & male/female energy, emotional stability & stress

Peridot – Healing, Renewal, Purification, Rebirth, Growth, Relaxation, Comfort, Intuition

Rhodonite – Calmness, Self-confidence, Refinement, Gratefulness, emotional balancer

Rose Quartz – Unconditional love, Self-love, Caring, Kindness, Friendship, Romantic love, Platonic love

Seraphinite – Spiritual enlightenment, Self-healing, Spirit communication, weight loss

Shungite – A “miracle stone”, incredible healing and protection, boosts energy and the immune system

Smokey Quartz – Calms fear, Lifts depression, Stability, Practicality, Intuition

Sodalite – Logic, Intelligence, Emotional balance, Intuition, Clarity, Truth, Perception

Sugilite – Awareness, Spirituality, Positivity, Channelling ability, spiritual love, pain relief, cancer

Tiger’s eye – Protection, empowerment, Integrity, Willpower, Practicality, Grounding, Power, Courage

Turquoise – Purification, Protection, Wisdom, Balance, Strength, communication, panic attacks


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