Fertility 12 Crystal Healing set

Fertility 12 Crystal Healing set


Fertility enhancing crystal set

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Crystal healing tumble stones specifically chosen and programmed to aid fertility. This is a great set for anyone trying to get pregnant or having infertility treatment. All the crystals chosen below have properties to increase your fertility. Increasing your fertility spells pregnancy.

* CARNELIAN x 2 : Boosts energy levels, fertility levels and removed fear of non conception.
* CHRYSOPRASE x 1 : Helps with endometriosis – common cause of infertility.
* JADE x 1 : Boosts fertility and combats internal infections.
* MOONSTONE x 2 : Increases fertility, boosts ovulation.
* RHODONITE x 1 : Increases fertility and prepares the uterus for conception.
* ROSE QUARTZ x 2 : Creates a loving environment for the new foetus and increases fertility.
* SMOKEY QUARTZ x 2 : Protects the unborn foetus once conceived. Boosts fertility.
* TOURMALINE QUARTZ x 1 : Removes anxiety to allow for natural conception.



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