Genuine Greenland Isua Stone Crystal Skulls

Genuine Greenland Isua Stone Crystal Skulls

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Genuine Greenland Isua Stone Crystal Skulls.

We have four genuine Greenland Isua Stone Crystal Skulls. One larger skull measuring 4cm and weighing almost 60 grams. Then we have three smaller crystal skulls measuring between 25-27mm.

When purchasing one of the smaller Isua Stone crystal skulls, you can either allow us to choose one for you, or send us a message and we will send a photo of what is available.


This is a rare stone form the supracrustal belt in Greenland.

Only recently discovered this mineral is among the oldest that has been identified. Isua Stone is  over 3.75 billion years old, from the Archaean Eon, The Archean Eon began about 4 billion years ago with the formation of the Earth’s crust and extended to the start of the Proterozoic Eon 2.5 billion years ago.

Isua stone by its very nature is very grounding, helping you anchor your soul into the body.
It is a stone of protection and helps in the removal of blockages whilst being an excellent shield against any negative energy. It can be both balancing and stimulating.

A stone of truth and ancient wisdom, it can be very useful for travelling through time and space.

During meditation with this stone, it may help you to recouple with the state of awareness in which your spirit first arrived on the Earth plan. It is also a useful stone to have to help to tap into the Earth’s records.


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Isua Stone Crystal Skull

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