Leandro De Souza Dragon Skull Dumortierite in Quartz


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Leandro De Souza Dragon Skull, Dumortierite in Quartz weighing in at 4.5 grams and measuring 15mm approx.

This is one of Leandro de Souza’s finest micro dragon carvings. At the time of posting, there were only 4 micro dragons carved in this high quality AA grade material. The Crystal Tree had two of those when they arrived with the Moldavite carvings that were commissioned by us!

Here is a video link from Leandro Souza’s Facebook page… 

Moldavite ,dumortierite and turmaline time skulls and dragons❤️

Posted by Leandro Souza on Thursday, 15 November 2018


We do have some of the Moldavite Carvings available for sale, please take a look at the Leandro de Souza category.

Diana Cooper writes this on her website…

Wise old dragons have been with us since time began. Fourth dimensional service dragons have helped us through the last ten thousand years and you may have a sense of their presence as so many are here with us right now. They are elementals so they may be fire, earth, air or water or a combination but they never have all four elements.

You have your own personal dragon.

It is your companion, protector and support and has a huge wide open heart centre. Unlike your angel it can delve into deep dense matter to clear your way. You can tell your dragon anything you wish from the centre of your heart for he has infinite wisdom and can find a way of responding to you. Now high frequency cosmic dragons are pouring in to assist us on our ascension quest.



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