Leandro de Souza Moldavite Alien Skull


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Leandro de Souza Moldavite Alien Skull. It weighs just 1 gram and measures 15mm approx.

Crystal Skulls support us on our journey of remembering who we are and that we are all one. They are ideal tools to support us in increasing our vibrations. Helping us to remember who we are, and therefore helping us to express who we truly are, instead of expressing who we have been conditioned to be. When we work with a crystal skull we awaken its potential, and therefore increase the power of its characteristics.

Moldavite ,dumortierite and turmaline time skulls and dragons❤️

Posted by Leandro Souza on Thursday, 15 November 2018



Edited from blog post found here…

Moldavite – A World of Green Wonder – Part 2

About 15 million years ago, an asteroid crashed into the Earth in the region of Moldavia in Central Europe.
As a result of this impact, material from the asteroid fused with the Earth material from the impact zone… fused in the extreme heat of the impact. Now there are Tektites… mini asteroids that have fallen through the sky, didn’t burn up in the atmosphere, and made it down to the surface of the planet…And there are many new Tektites which fall from the Sky every year.

But Moldavite is the only example of a semi-crystal / glass like material which contains matter from Outer Space, which has fused with matter from Earth…
… and it is believed that the inclusion of matter from beyond this Earth is what makes Moldavite such a transformational stone… and this is how it is often marketed… as a crystal from the stars… which can help you ascend… or help you make contact with celestial energies.

Moldavite is not a standard crystal… because it does not have one of the recognised 7 crystal structures. Which means that it is part of the family called amorphous… like Opal and Obsidian and Amber… crystals that are not really crystals… because they have no formal / fixed crystal structure.
But the thing about the amorphous stones… like Moldavite… is that they are all about… Flow.

Flow = Change = New Possibilities

Because Moldavite contains Flow with an extra touch of Sky+Space energy… which kicks the flow and erosion into over-drive.

Moldavite = Flow on steroids.

This is why Moldavite is probably the ultimate stone to use if you are actively and consciously wanting to change and grow… for anyone who is on the path of personal development.

Calling upon colour therapy gains an understanding of the unique way in which Moldavite is all about… expansion. In traditional colour therapy, the colour Green is associated with growth, and expansion, and abundance. But it is also associated with individuality… with providing an individual with the inner strength and confidence they need to be their own person… to follow their own path… to go their own way if necessary.

Green is about us following our individual dreams… finding the courage to do what we want to do… and that is true for all Green stones and crystals.
And we can take this understanding a whole level deeper… because Green is also about… expansion.

And how do we find that sense of inner expansion? Well, being happy helps…
But for long-term happiness… we need to find our life-purpose, that thing or things which give our life meaning, our dharma… what we came here to do and achieve.
So all the green crystals are to do with…Finding your life purpose, Having the courage to follow your individual path, Expressing your uniqueness, Expanding your energy-field.
But once again… when it comes to Moldavite… it gets raised to a whole new level… because remember, a bit of the Sky got included in the mix when that asteroid collided with the planet.

Moldavite = Expansion on steroids.

Moldavite is seriously concerned with someone finding and following their life-path…
Of not wasting their one precious chance at being the person they came here to be.
As they say… “what are you here to do with your one unique and special life the Universe has given you… because if you ever do come back in another life, it won’t be as YOU… you will only ever have one chance in the whole of creation to play this part of YOU, to explore being YOU, to take delight in your relationships, and dreams, and loves, and creations…
One lifetime to become the best YOU you can possibly be. And you are living it right now!”

Moldavite can be the greatest friend and ally you can find in the mineral kingdom.


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