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Leandro de Souza Moldavite baby Dragon Carving


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Leandro de Souza Moldavite Dragon carving. 3.7grams and approx. 26mm in length

All our Leandro de Souza MOLDAVITE crystal skulls and dragons, we had especially commissioned in June 2018 through Philip Permutt. Then Leandro had a life threatening accident which meant we had to wait until December to bring these to you. Thankfully, Leandro is healing well!!

Leandro is known for selecting the finest and highest energy crystals in the World and his carvings are known for their quality, fine detail and uniqueness. As you can see in this piece!!

Moldavite ,dumortierite and turmaline time skulls and dragons❤️

Posted by Leandro Souza on Thursday, 15 November 2018

The above link leads to Leandro’s video he made before the carvings were sent to the UK.

These are genuine Leandro de Souza carvings from high quality Moldavite. Please enjoy browsing through our website.

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  • Hi Penny. I can do that for you, but I’ll need to wait for natural light and take it tomorrow. We have two similar carvings, so I’ll take photos of both of them x

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