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Moldavite Specimen. A really beautiful piece measuring approx. 35mm and weighs 8.6g

Accelerates one’s spiritual path
Tunes one to their higher-self
A useful tool for individuals who are Clairsentient
Activation stone to propel one into spiritual transformation
Allows for higher spiritual beings to assist an individual in his/her spiritual evolution
Embraces and Empowers one’s spirit
Encourages the acquisition of knowledge and experience
Raises the consciousness of the wearer to reach higher realms
Clears the Aura of the wearer of any attachments
Assist in the full mending of the physical, mental and spiritual planes
Awakens the intelligence of the heart
Disconnects one with unhealthy attachments and addictions
Known to be a great spiritual catalyst
Heightens communication to other realms
Balances all of the Chakras
Speeds up awareness and cosmic consciousness.
Stimulates cooperation between life here on earth and those of an extra-terrestrial origin
Illuminates one’s deepest secrets
Sensitizes the heart to connect with the divine
Excellent stone for dream work and meditation
Its power accelerates revitalization
The combination of any stone with this stone will take the other stones energy up a notch
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Weight 0.087 kg
Dimensions 3.5 cm


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