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Natural Baltic Amber collar for dogs or cats Genuine Raw Baltic Amber



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Natural Baltic Amber collar for dogs or cats Genuine Raw Baltic Amber

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A natural Repellent of Fleas and Ticks: Baltic amber is nature’s way of protecting your pet. Handcrafted from premium quality raw amber. An amber collar effectively repels Fleas, Ticks and Lice as your pet roams outdoors. A natural alternative to chemicals, these adorable collars also give your Dog or Cat a classy look!

Amber contains an aromatic substance called Terpenes. Terpenes produces a resinous aroma which derives from the friction of the amber with the fur, in which it affects the Tick in a negative way. These resinous aromatic Terpenes being released is what repels the Ticks and Fleas.
Amber has an electrical resistance and is constantly supercharging electrostatically through friction with the fur of the animal. This static electricity charge is not noticeable to your pet, but is actively repelling the Tick. As the Tick jumping on the fur the electric shock generated by the amber stone(s) causes it to fall off.



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Amber Pet Collar

20-25cm, 25-30cm, 30-35cm, 35-40cm, 40-45cm, 45-50cm

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