Rhodochrosite Bracelets




Rhodochrosite Bracelets, Various

Rhodochrosite improves the health of the circulatory system, promotes elasticity of the blood vessels, and regulates blood pressure.

Rhodochrosite is the quintessential stone of healing the inner child. It encourages forgiveness, spontaneity, and joy. It reveals old wounds, often from childhood and past lives, that continue to play out in our current life scenarios. It neutralizes destructive habits and conditioning.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful stone for developing freedom, for it sweeps away old patterns and karmic ties and grants a blank slate. It helps one exercise compassion and creativity, and it renews passion for life itself. Its compassionate energy also resolves longstanding karmic patterns, including ancestral and global karma. It fosters self-confidence and promotes humanitarianism. (Nicholas Pearson, Crystal Basics)

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6mm, 2mm, Abacus


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