Set of 7 Meteorite Chumpi Stones

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Set of 7 Meteorite Chumpi Stones

Set of 7 Meteorite Chumpi Stones measuring from 4 to 7 cm each. Total weight 1.111kg
Cloth measures 40x44cm and the tie is 95cm long.

From the Andes Mountains of Perú… a set of 7 meteorite Chumpi Stones!!!

The second picture is not of the stones you will receive, but of a comparison set we found on ebay. The set on eBay is less than half the weight of our set! So someone is getting a bargain!

Information on these…..

This is a set of 7 Chumpi Stones hand carved out of Jiwaya or meteorite stone. Each point represent a sacred mountain and are connected with them.These Stones are very heavy and energetically very alive, they carry sacred energy. The stones were part of a sacred Healing Ceremony. The set comes with a table cloth called uncaña and a tie, used by Shamans to set up their tools.

Meteorite Chumpi Stone Set – 7 Piece
Beautifully handmade sacred stones with the energy of the chakra it is associated with.
Ideally suited for the Qero rites and rituals of the Andes.
Great for distance healing work, surrogates and client work present or not.
Hand Carved ceremonial stones from Peru.

Chumpi Stones are hand carved in prayer from local Andean stone from the sacred mountains in Peru. They are carriers of sacred energy and attuned to each chakra and hold the energy of the sacred mountains. Notice the individual markings on each stone and each unique shape: Point one – The root chakra or base and so on up to the 7th chakra the crown with 7 points. Hand carved pictures vary but consist of local power sources. E.G: Inti-Sun, Coca leaf, Serpent, Jaguar, Eagle, Pachamama spiral connection to the earth and Chaska Kuna -The star beings.
Used in Ceremony & Ritual by Q’ero shamans in the Andean mountains & shamanic practitioners for a variety of ceremonies including the bands of protection, connecting to the lineage, khuya limpia and more. These are sacred medicine stones.
Summary: Hand Carved Peruvian Chumpi Stones 7 set. Healing Stones. For Ritual & Ceremony.


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