Shungite Pyramids


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Shungite Pyramids – Various sizes

Shungite pyramids are actually tiny models of Egyptian pyramids that are known to protect you from geopathic events.  It is believed that pyramid neutralizes all the pathogenic places and possesses a favorable influence on human health. Shungite, on the other hand, is a rare carbon-based and a non-crystalline rock that has the capacity to conduct electromagnetic and geothermal energy alongside protecting your body from the electromagnetic emissions caused by electronic appliances. Hence, when both shungite and pyramid are combined together, they act as the best shield against negative energies and ted to uplift the quality of your life.

The shungite pyramid is an excellent remedy against the electromagnetic radiation and the geopathic electrical phenomena. The pyramid helps to cleanse, mineralize and purify water.

the 3cm pyramids are good for water purification and grid work, and has a radius of action of just over 1 meter.

the 5cm pyramid has a radius of action of just under 3 meters.

the 9cm pyramid has a radius of action of just under 8 meters.

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Shungite pyramid

5cm, 9cm, shaped 5cm


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