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Sleep Problems – Exhaustion, Insomnia crystal set


Sleep Problems – Exhaustion, Insomnia crystal set

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Exhaustion, Insomnia, Sleep problems – Healing Crystal Set

* AMETHYST (2): Very calming, can help balance your energy field and bring deeper, calmer sleep

* HOWLITE : Balances calcium levels. Insomnia can be linked to a calcium deficiency

* CLEAR QUARTZ : Good for balancing energy levels, helping you regain a calm emotional state which creates the right conditions for restful sleep

* SODALITE : Purifies the body and eases mental confusion. Balances the emotions and calms panic attacks

* HEMATITE : Promotes tranquillity and emotional clarity, helps to dispel anxiety, and thus promote restful sleep.

* LEPIDOLITE : Relieves tension and stress, stabilises moods and helps to overcome insomnia

* ROSE QUARTZ : Opens the heart chakra allowing anxiety and restlessness to dissolve

* LAPIS LAZULI : Helps with Insomnia

* SMOKEY QUARTZ : Stops bad dreams

* CHRYSOPRASE (2): Helps with Restless legs and Nightmares

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