Smoking Addiction set

Smoking Addiction set


Smoking Addiction set

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This set comprises of crystal tumble-stones specifically chosen to help you to give up smoking. These stones have been chosen and programmed to assist you with your quest to stop smoking and help with the side effects of anxiety and will power.

* AMETHYST x2 : Helps reduce addictive cravings
* LEPIDOLITE : Helps reduce anxiety about giving up smoking
* BLUE LACE AGATE: Helps you say NO!
* CLEAR QUARTZ : Helps you make the RIGHT choices.
* MANGANO CALCITE : Reduces stress and anxiety
* GOLDSTONE : Helps you achieve your goals
* OPALITE : Helps reduce mood swings during the initial phase
* HEMATITE : Strengthens your will power
* AQUAMARINE : Calms nervous tension
* BLUE APATITE : Promotes motivation
* ROSE QUARTZ : Encourages you to respect your own body


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