STRESS BUSTERS – 10 Crystal Healing Stones

STRESS BUSTERS – 10 Crystal Healing Stones


STRESS BUSTERS – 12 Crystal Healing Stones

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Crystal Tumbles specifically chosen for maximum stress relief. Roll stones in your hand when feeling tense or your stress levels rising.

* AMETHYST : Stress Relief, tension headaches and migraines
* AVENTURINE : Promotes calm
* BLUE LACE AGATE : Calms anger
* LABRADORITE : Lowers blood pressure and relieves stress and anxiety
* LAPIS LAZULI : Stress, anxiety, relieves headaches and migraines
* ROSE QUARTZ : Relieves stress
* SMOKEY QUARTZ : Relieves stress and anxiety
* SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN : Helps Depression, absorbs stress
* TURQUOISE : Panic attacks.
* TOURMALINE QUARTZ : Reduces anxiety


Carry your crystals around with you, toss them into your bath water, make an elixir by soaking in spring water for 12 hours. At night either place under your pillow or on the bedside table to allow their magical properties to surround you at all times.


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