Triplite Tumblestones


Triplite is the perfect stone for overcoming energetic depletion and kick-starting creativity. It stimulates the base and sacral chakras.

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Triplite Tumblestones.

Triplite is the perfect stone for overcoming your energetic depletion and kick-starting creativity. Also, triplite gained its name after the Greek ‘triplos’ due to its tendency to cleave in three directions. This wonderful stone is highly energetic, and it boosts the flow of kundalini and Qi throughout the body. Furthermore, the tumblestone stimulates your base and sacral chakras and enhances the flow of life force to all parts of your body, physical and subtle.

In addition, placing this gemstone just below the navel stores the creative force in the dantien until it is required. It is excellent for overcoming depletion and severe fatigue.

Tumblestones are selected at random from stock. If you wish to receive a specific gemstone call us at 01702 808710 during shop opening hours, or send us a message from the contact page if you wish to receive more pictures.


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