Variscite Palmstone


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Variscite Palmstone

Our rectangular shaped variscite palmstones measure approx. 40mm and weigh from 15 grams upwards. We have several of these shaped stones and we will pick one for you. All are equally beautiful as we hand-picked every one!

Psychologically Variscite facilitates moving out of deep despair and into a position of hope and trust in the grand universe. This calming stone does away with pretence, enabling one to present one’s true self to the world, in perfection as it is now.

It calms nervousness and brings a peaceful heart. It supports sobriety and yet has a lively energy that prevents one from becoming much too serious. Placed under the pillow at night, it is told to bring peaceful sleep and an untroubled mind.

Physically Variscite is said to be an energizer that helps to restore depleted energy reserves.

Variscite it told to heal the nervous system, treats abdominal distension and constricted blood flow.

Variscite is extremely helpful for past life exploration, it facilitates visual images of the experience while going more deeply into the feelings and experiences of appropriate lives. It will stimulate insights into the cause of dis-ease or patterns that one has been stuck in and aids in reframing the situation to bring about healing.


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