Yellow Fluorite Leandro De Souza Crystal Skull


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Yellow Fluorite Leandro De Souza Crystal Skull

Weighs approx. 414 grams and measures 9cm in length

From a scientific point of view, crystal skulls are no more than a crystal in the shape of a skull. But the people who connect with a crystal skull experience them as special, and as wonderful tools that awaken something within themselves.

Crystal Skulls support us on our journey of remembering who we are and that we are all one. They are ideal tools to support us in increasing our vibrations. Helping us to remember who we are, and therefore helping us to express who we truly are, instead of expressing who we have been conditioned to be. When we work with a crystal skull we awaken its potential, and therefore increase the power of its characteristics.

Shipping will be charged at cost if you phone on 01702 808710 otherwise the website will charge special delivery rate.

This crystal skull comes with an authencity certificate from The Crystal Enchantress. We bought this crystal skull for ourselves but the crystal skull had other ideas and just wanted to come to our shop! So we are only charging what we paid for it.

Does this crystal skull all to you?


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