We are really pleased to let you know that we now stock STAR CHILD products!

star child

“Star Child’s products are based on the philosophies of our ancestral wisdom. We believe that by working with the spiritual forces inherent in nature we can offer tools that may provide a gateway to the Devic consciousness and thus help people to connect with their own spiritual source. Spirituality cannot be bought in a bottle, and our products are not intended as magical quick-fixes. Rather, they are meant as keys for experiencing the divine through the realm of the senses. By bridging the spirit/matter divide we are working towards wholeness and healing of people and planet.

May Star Child’s message help to open the channels of perception so that the realm of the Sacred may once again come within the reaches of experience.”
Traditionally, incense plays an important role in ritual purification, often referred to as ‘smudging’. The incense smoke is used to ‘wash’ away negative energies and emotions, thus cleansing the atmosphere. Likewise, incense is also used to purify the hearts and minds of the participants prior to sacred ceremonies, meditations and rituals.
star child incense
The unique range of smudge dishes and offering bowls are designed for use in sacred and magical rituals. They are made from a stoneware craft clay with a sandy texture giving a tactile, rustic finish.
Star Child’s ceramics are made in their Glastonbury based studio. They are created by combining various techniques using clays, glazes and alchemical processes to produce designs of a unique nature.The chalices can be used for sacred offerings, incense or to hold tea lights. For incense we recommend first filling the bowl with at least a third sand, to protect the glaze and retain the heat of the charcoal for a longer more even burn.

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