Before you come for your Gong treatment there are a few things to share with you so that you know what to expect, and so that you can make the most of your experience with the gongs:-

- Please arrive on time or a little early. A minimum of one hour will be allowed for your treatment session, plus recovery time.

- Please wear comfortable clothing

- It’s advisable not to have a heavy meal or alcohol beforehand

- You won’t be expected to do anything – this is your time to just lie down, be open, and receive.

- You will be asked to lie on a treatment couch or a soft bed on the floor. If you have back problems and would rather have a chair, please tell your Practitioner in advance.

- Your Gong Practitioner will provide a caring, compassionate, safe, supportive space during and after your treatment session.

- Your Gong Practitioner will hold the space for you to enable any healing to occur

- The Gong space is a neutral space of no judgement. So you can trust your Gong Practitioner to allow you to just be how you are.

- There will be gong sounds and probably also sounds made by other compatible instruments.

- Client confidentiality is assured. Please know that everything that takes place in the Gong healing space will be kept strictly between you and your Gong Practitioner.


The following are some guidelines to help you after your therapy session:-

- Keep warm. Drink lots of water. This will help the body to flush any toxins out of your system.

- Take a little exercise every day if you are able.

- Allow the therapy time to work – you may feel immediately better in some ways, or this may take several days or a number of sessions, particularly if you have a chronic, i.e. long term ailment.

- You might feel worse before you feel better – this is called a ‘healing crisis’ and occasionally this is part of the healing process for some people, but not all. This happens because the therapy may have brought things to the surface which need to be acknowledged and dealt with, both physically and emotionally. This is the detoxification process. This process can probably be accelerated by having several session close together so that the healing can continue to help you through the initial stages of recovery.

- After your therapy session, be sensible and don’t overdo it if you feel immediately better. Give your body a chance to catch up and integrate the healing. Be kind to yourself.

- Take responsibility for health and well-being; you may find yourself intuitively wanting to make changes to your diet, lifestyle, etc.

- If you have any questions after the session please feel free to get in touch and discuss them. Also, about a week after your session, let me know how things are going for you.

BEFORE BOOKING A SESSION, please get in touch if you have any of the following:-

Severe Mental Illnesses, Severe Osteoporosis, Recent Hip/Joint Operations, Epilepsy, People fitted with Pacemakers, Advanced Stages of Cancer, Pregnancy (Particularly first three months), Ménière's Disease,Tinnitus

GongSound Healing New Client Form - Please print and fill out this form, and bring it with you to your first session.


All information on this page was given by The College of Sound Healing (one of our training providers).