Rose Quartz Goddess Carving


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Rose Quartz Goddess Carving.

Beautiful Rose Quartz Goddess Carving weighing in at 23 grams approx. And about 3.5 inches in height.
We had ten of these carvings, all equally beautiful. If you wish to see an exact picture of the carvings we have left, please message us from the contact us page, otherwise we will choose the carving that calls to us for you.

Divine Feminine energy, or Goddess energy, is a subtle yet immensely vital source of energy in our lives. Without it, we are out of touch with our bodies, our emotions, our dreams, and our mother earth. Without it, we live lives on the surface, pursuing empty goals, ego-centered ambitions and desolate values that are disconnected from the mystery, wonder and magic of life.

Without honoring and cultivating the divine feminine in our lives, we feel incomplete and eternally dissatisfied, pursuing paths that are destructive to the planet and toxic to those we love. Put simply, without acknowledging and nurturing the feminine energy within us, we are incomplete and our lives feel superficial. (More info can be found here )


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