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Shungite EMF Protection Plates. We have three different designs/sizes. Two are rectangular, measuring 15x30mm and 30x40mm. We also have a 30mm round plate engraved with the flower of life! All have double sided sticky tape to adhere to your device.


I’ve copied this from my Shungite wholesale website. The English is not great, but I think you’ll understand…

“Shungite plates for phones are designed to protect against electromagnetic radiation emanating from the device. Each electric device transmits radiation, from the effects of which, the body experiences the most severe consequences:

– Headache, insomnia

– Absent-mindedness

– Weakening of the immune system and exacerbation of chronic diseases

– Irritability, fatigue, depression

With shungite you protect yourself from these ailments.


Shungite is more than 2 billion years old and during all this time it has absorbed the power of the Earth. The shungite deposits can be found in only one place on Earth – in Karelia –  and its healing properties have been known for 3 centuries.

People using products from shungite have noted improved well-being and stability of the nervous system.

The size of the plate depends on the power and size of your gadget. For example, on a smartphone you can install a plate of 15*30 mm, and on a tablet 30*40 mm. But remember, the more shungite stands on your defense – the less harm you get!

Before sticking the plate to the device, it is necessary to wipe it thoroughly, so that later it does not leave marks.”

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